A Brief History of Down the Hole Rock Drilling

The “Down the Hole” system was developed by Andre Stenuick (a Belgian marble quarry owner) in the early 1950’s that rapidly revolutionised the rock drilling industry because of its unique concept.

It’s rigid drill string and efficient flushing system provided straight, clean, accurately aligned bore holes that could be easily loaded with explosive to provide safe controlled blasting for the extractive industry.

DTH Drills

Constant energy directly behind the Bit at all times meant that drilling speeds could be maintained throughout the length of the hole in almost all rock conditions.

Today the DTH system offers the same important benefits and is now widely used throughout the world in mining, quarrying, mineral exploration,

geo-thermal, water-well, construction, oil & gas, piling, directional and many other drilling applications.

By using modern hydraulic rigs with high operating air pressure and “World Class” Valve-Less DTH Hammers with Button Drill Bits, the system can now out-perform other methods in terms of speed, overall capability, reliability, greater versatility and cost effectiveness.

DTH Drills

We at Rock Drill Engineering Ltd have many years experience in DTH drilling, beginning in the early 1960’s and through to today when we can advise customers on the right tools and methods for their applications so that they get the very best results from the equipment that we supply.

DTH PDF Link A Legacy From Belgium Lives On