Mincon Reverse Circulation Hammers & Bits

Rock Drill Engineering Ltd supply a range of top quality Mincon MX Reverse Circulation Tools for Mineral Sampling and Grade Control.

The unique concept ensures fast, efficient sample recovery without using shrouds or collars in order to seal the hole.

The Hammers are suitable for standard air pressure operation or with booster compressors and are

RC5456 Rockdrill

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available with Metzke or Remet thread connections.

  • MX5456 - For 140mm to 146mm Holes - (Sample Tube has 40mm internal parallel bore).
  • MX5053 - For 127mm to 137mm Holes - (Sample Tube has 36mm internal parallel bore).

Larger Bits are available for casing installation.

Drillers and operating companies are regularly

Desert Drilling Operations

reporting increased drilling throughout the working shift since using the Mincon MX tools and also confirm that they operate well in a wide variety of ground conditions.